tree services


tree services

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E-MAIL: ian@acorn-2-oak.co.uk





1. Do you take away the waste?


Yes. All of the waste resulting from the works on your property are removed before we

leave. All material up to 6 inch in diameter is chipped into our purpose built vehicles

and taken away. Any logs are also removed unless a client specifies that they would like

to keep them, in which case we will leave them neatly stacked for you.


2. How much will it cost to have the work done on my tree or hedge?


All trees and hedges are different, it is hard for us to provide any customer with a firm

quote without seeing the work they want carried out which is why it is necessary for us to

carry out a site visit with you before we can give you a competitive price.


3. Do I need to be home whilst you carry out the work?


It is not necessary for you to be home whilst we carry out the work you want done as

long as we can get access to the tree/work you would like us to do.


4. Can my pets go outside whilst you carry out the work?


We advise all of our clients to make sure all pets are kept indoors whilst any works

are being carried out. We also ask out of courtesy to our staff that any droppings are

cleared from your garden before we start.